It’s August 30, 2011. I’m planning on moving in to my room at Williams on September 2nd. Classes start on the eighth. As the last few days of my precious summer dwindle down, I gather some random thoughts I’ve accumulated as well as any future plans I have on my agenda for the fall semester. Some of my goals, in no particular order:

  1. Solve a Rubik’s Cube in 100 seconds or less.
  2. Beat either my 500 push-ups in a day or my 600 sit-ups in a day records
  3. Reach level 2 on Project Euler
  4. Perform one successful muscle-up. It’s a lot harder than you think.
  5. Do well in my courses for the fall semester (particularly the math and science ones)
  6. Reach 200 pages of text in my personal writing project
  7. Have 30 entries on this blog
  8. Get involved with a professor on a research project
  9. Successfully shoot 50% from three-point-range in one day (minimum 50 attempts)
  10. Improve my vertical leap, since it helps a lot for the Ultimate Frisbee season
  11. Learn some C++ (of course, “some” is at my discretion)
  12. Maintain better communication with my siblings
  13. Solve a Rubik’s Revenge
  14. Finish reading the Riverworld book series
  15. Drink a quart of water every day
  16. Skype with my grandmother
  17. Watch the Introduction to AI lectures from Stanford University
  18. Pick a Minecraft mod to play with

Some of these goals are common, while others are a little more eccentric. I’ll try to achieve as many as possible.

UPDATE May 13, 2015: In retrospect, I really should have worked more on C++ and de-valued the importance of drinking that much water.