Unfortunately, my next round of midterms is coming. I have 4 midterms in the span of 7 days, with one being a 48-hour take-home exam. The agenda:

  1. Don’t panic (obviously!)
  2. Use the quiz-and-recall method, rather than read mindlessly from notes
  3. Don’t stop until every single problem or concept is understood*
  4. Get those 1-page sheets ready for exams that allow 1 page of notes
  5. Finish any homework first, then study
  6. Walk away from the material if it’s confusing
  7. Do the practice exams

*Naturally, I’ll have to make some adjustments on what I think will or will not be tested on these exams.

I’ll hope to utilize #2 most often, but #6 will be what affects my well-being the most. I need to know when to walk away from the material or when to continue bashing through a problem like a group of soldiers breaking through a castle. The former alleviates stress, while the latter may contribute to it. If a problem gets solved (i.e. achieved), the latter will have a far greater benefit.

It starts … Tuesday.