So it begins.

My research career will officially commence, on the day after the Williams College Class of 2012 commencement, on Monday, June 4. (That’s tomorrow.) I was accepted into the Bard College Mathematics & Computation Research Experience for Undergraduates, funded by the National Science Foundation. I am working with two Bard College professors on a project called “Using Machine Learning to Simplify Text.” My understanding of the project is that we are going to be exploring ways that computers can take a piece of text and simplify its wording and vocabulary to make it comprehensible to a wider audience of readers. Hopefully there will be some serious study of algorithms in this project — I learned so much from Algorithm Design & Data Analysis at Williams College. And all these Project Euler questions I’ve been doing have reinforced my interest in programming.

I’ll be working from June 4 to July 27. It’s a week short in total length from the summer program I was at last summer.

After the summer ends, I hope to recap on what I’ve done. Stay tuned!