I just made seven blog entries last June. That’s how many I had in the rest of 2012 combined, so it’s clear that I must be doing something different in the summer than during the spring semester.

The obvious answer is that I’m not faced with the overwhelming academic demands of Williams College. While I am working full time at Bard, I’m definitely laboring for fewer hours as compared to spring semester. And often, my work consists of twiddling my thumbs and rereading academic papers while I wait for a lengthy experiment to conclude. At the time of this writing, for instance, I have two processes running on my computer that I expect to take about ten hours to complete. Sadly, I haven’t shut down my lab computer in about a week.

But the deeper answer is that I have gotten more motivated about writing and have consequently been diligent in setting aside serious writing time. Even though I was inundated with coursework and applications last semester, there were still periods of time, like the entire Winter Study period, that were just ripe for writing. Yet I didn’t blog much, preferring to follow and play basketball, play Minecraft, and do other activities. But writing a blog, even if it doesn’t receive much attention, has a certain appeal that games lack. The lasting impression of written work I produce, by its very nature, affords me an opportunity to look back and see how my interests have developed and vacillated throughout my undergraduate years. And this is also practice for an activity that I will be performing often in life, whether it be for scholarship applications, formal emails, manuscripts, or other documents. By writing often, I feel like I experience hidden reservoirs of enjoyment. Those are especially prevalent during days when I don’t have much to do for the night, and want to make use of precious time.

I hope to maintain this rate of posting during my junior year of college. Since I won’t have a roommate, it’s easier for me to have my own sleeping schedule. My preliminary plan is to wake up much, much earlier than the 9:30 to 11:00 AM time that was the norm during my sophomore year, and use the early morning as study time. By doing more work before classes, I hope to easily set aside blogging time several nights a week.

On a general note, my recent surge in posting just shows that the more you like an activity or subject, the more productive you will be. That is why I need to make sure that I am deeply passionate about whatever computer science field I intend to study in the future.