UPDATE May 13, 2015: With the move of this blog to Jekyll, some of these points might not be relevant anymore.

With the way the blog has been growing recently, I’ve decided to add a new page that contains my ten favorite entries here with rationales, called “Top Ten Entries.” You can find it at the very top of the blog, next to the currently-existing “About” page. In a way, my new page serves as self-motivation, since whenever I’m in the process of writing a yet-to-be-published entry, I’ll be wondering how I can tweak it so it can crack my top ten list.

Furthermore, the page can be used by readers who want to see a sampling of my work or who do not have the time to read all entries. I also suggest that people visiting this blog for the first time should take a look at that page. In the future, I may make a separate page, “Start Here,” just for that purpose, but I think the page I just set up now will be well-suited as a starting point. Any constructive feedback on the structure of “Seita’s Place,” of course, is more than welcome.