Update February 14, 2020: I made several changes to my earlier posts, so some (if not most) of the content in this blog post is not relevant anymore.

I started this blog on August 1, 2011, so I get to celebrate that I’ve been blogging for about a year. I now want to take a step back and see what I have achieved and what goals I should set for the future.

This is my 36th entry, so if you do the math, that’s 3 posts every month, which is a pace I hope to at least maintain in the next few years. There were definitely times when I didn’t feel interested in blogging, but as I explained in my [Blog Productivity][1] entry, I anticipate that to change. Of course, this assumes I maintain my normal blog entry size of about 500 words.

Of my 36 entries, 12, 9, and 15 (including this one) are filed in the categories Computer Science, Deafness, and Everything Else, respectively. I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to come up with topics to write about in the “Everything Else” category than in the other two. But I’m trying to carve out a niche for myself in the blogging world. Anyone can write a generic blog about any topic, but I want to devote more attention to computer science and deafness, two subjects that encapsulate much of my life.

I’ve also started the habit of writing multiple drafts before publishing posts. In the past, I would start blog entries from scratch and post them as soon as I was tired of writing. (And any future edits would require me to fix something that was already published.) But now, I have multiple drafts of posts saved in my WordPress Dashboard. I think my past urge to publish as soon as possible was because I wanted to get as much content up on my blog, even if it represented less than my full effort. But now that I’ve already got a good amount of material, I think it’s been easier for me to sit back, sift through my drafts, make (possibly major) revisions, and then publish only if I feel that I’ve really poured in enough effort in that entry.

Finally, I’m trying to increase the traffic to Seita’s Place. I’ve been searching and following other blogs if I deem that they are significantly related to the topics I post here. Hopefully this will lead to some reciprocal action. However, since I enjoy writing, I will still be blogging even if I don’t get many visitors.

All right, let’s switch gears. Now that my Bard College REU is over, the next chapter of summer 2012 starts — in Honolulu, Hawaii! I’ll be there for two weeks and I hope that I’ll have a great time with my family. And true to my new habits, I have a few interesting posts backed up (no less than five), which will likely be published upon my return to Albany, New York. Stay tuned.