As I mentioned earlier, I’m in Honolulu, Hawaii. I’ve been taking many pictures, which gives me the chance to finally add a picturesque post to my text-based blog. And since I just turned 20, I can continue to post on my birthday, just as I did last year.

One of the highlights of my trip was visiting Kauai, the fourth Hawaiian island I’ve set foot on. I took a picture of the same falls that was on the cover page of the tour guide. It’s gorgeous.


Here’s a view of Waimea Canyon, or the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. I’ve never been to the real Grand Canyon, but it felt like I was looking at a similar structure of nature. The view was so nice that I decided to add a panorama of this to replace the ugly default image of this WordPress Blog template.


Back in Oahu, I was at Waimea Bay. (What’s up with the repeated name?) This is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve set foot on. I’m glad this is the summer — I’ve heard that real waves appear in the winter.


There were also some nice Japanese-style temples on the way back from Waimea.


Afterwards, I made my way to the famous Nuuanu Pali Lookout, whose strong winds are (sadly) the only thing that can make my hair stick up. Looking at this reminded me that I should have increased the resolution of my images on my phone.


Finally, I’ve also had my share of mischievous moments.


All right, that’s enough for now. It’s back to more traditional blog entries later. I have a lot I want to talk about in the next month.