My blog writing has slowed in the past few weeks, as I’ve been REALLY busy at college. But I’m still alive and well, and I hope to write more about theory of computation and other topics in the upcoming weeks, particularly about the Myhill-Nerode theorem. At the moment, I’m reviewing the moment generating functions that I learned in August while studying MIT’s 18.440 course. I also have a significant amount of computer graphics laboratory work to do this weekend.  At least it should be Mountain Day in two days, that one October Friday when the president intentionally cancels classes.

As a side topic, I have, strangely enough, actually gotten more views on this blog than during the summer, when I was updating every few days. I’ll see what the future holds, then. In the meantime, I have midterms to study for, a winter study research project proposal to write, and some GRE studying to do, which may or may not include some writing practice.