I’ve got another finals period coming up. It concludes on December 17th, so I’ll update after that point. (And modify this post.)

See you soon.

UPDATE 12/23/12.

All right, I’m back home and settled for the holidays. This past semester went relatively well; I only took classes in my two majors, and I achieved my goal of a 4.0 GPA and have set up a new research project for this winter. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do as much theoretical computer science review on this blog as I wanted, so I’ll continue that in the beginning of 2013. Related to that, here are some of the possible topics I’ll write about this winter and the spring:

  1. Deaf friendly tactics

  2. Computer science research topics

  3. More posts that weave deafness and computer science together, such as deaf computer scientists or new machine learning technology (hey, my current area of research!)

  4. How to ace the GRE

  5. Anything else I can think of …