After a semester-long sabbatical, I’m back to Project Euler in my never-ending quest to answer all of their (at the moment) 432 questions. Just recently, I solved my 82nd problem (XOR decryption) but noticed that Project Euler has added a new message to the bottom of the page one receives after successfully completing a question. (Click the image below to enlarge.)


With the growth of Project Euler, it’s no surprise that there have been some people who, for whatever reason, take pleasure in taking answers distributed from online websites and plugging them in just to increase their solutions count.

Still, I wish this message wasn’t necessary. If one really wants to have an “aha!” moment, he or she should simply avoid websites or blogs that publish solutions and restrict web access to neutral sites such as Wikipedia. I have discussed Project Euler questions on this blog in the past (see this and this), and I would like to continue doing so in the future, since some of them are intellectually stimulating. Perhaps I should add a huge message at the start of each such post warning “unsuspecting” visitors?