The word should now be out that BAIR — short for Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research — now has a blog. The official BAIR website is here and the blog is located here.

I was part of the team which created and set up the blog. The blog was written using Jekyll so for the most part I was able to utilize my prior Jekyll knowledge from working on “Seita’s Place” (that name really sounds awful, sorry).

One neat thing that I learned throughout this process was how to design a Jekyll blog but then have it appear as a sub-directory inside an existing website like the BAIR website with the correct URLs. The key is to understand two things:

  • The _site folder generated when you build and preview Jekyll locally contains all you need to build the website using normal HTML. Just copy over the contents of this folder into wherever the server is located.

  • In order to get links set up correctly, it is first necessary to understand how “baseurl”s work for project pages, among other things. This blog post and this other blog post can clarify these concepts. Assuming you have correct site.url and site.baseurl variables, to build the website, you need to run

    ` JEKYLL_ENV=production bundle exec jekyll serve `

    The production mode aspect will automatically configure the contents of _site to contain the correct links. This is extremely handy — otherwise, there would be a bunch of annoying http://localhost:4000 strings and we’d have to run cumbersome find-and-replace commands. The contents of this folder can then be copied over to where the server is located.

Anyway, enough about that. Please check out our inaugural blog post, about an exciting concept called Neural Module Networks.