After a year into my doctorate program at Berkeley, I know that my experience has been suboptimal in many ways. One reason for that – actually, the main reason – is because I have been experiencing severe isolation the past few months, primarily a product of being in a small research group where I feel like my research interests and career goals do not closely match with those of the other people here.

Yeah, it’s “the usual” for me. After middle school, I badly wanted a fresh start in high school so that I could cut down on all the isolation I had experienced. Then I badly wanted a fresh start in college, for similar reasons. Then I badly wanted a fresh start in graduate school, also for similar reasons.

So my wish for the 2015-2016 academic year is simple, and I hope, realistic.

I wish … that I will be able to find another true, student collaborator, someone who is also a Ph.D. student here, and is interested in Artificial Intelligence research. Someone who will be willing to sit down with me, work with me side by side, and help teach me what it is like to do true research and boost my confidence. Someone who will not mind if I mess up on minor errors. Someone who has good English language skills, who can speak clearly, and who will not mind that I am deaf.

Someone who I can consider a true friend.