You can see the one-paragraph description of the blog in the footers, repeated here for convenience:

This is my blog, where I have written over 250 articles on a variety of topics, most of which are about one of two major themes. The first is computer science, which is my area of specialty as a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley. The second can be broadly categorized as “deafness,” which relates to my experience and knowledge of being deaf.

The easiest way to find something that you’ll be interested in is to look at the archives and browse the titles, which (I hope) are descriptive. Using the built-in Google site search there would also be useful.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the classes at Berkeley, I write reviews on all the ones I have taken. Here they are:

When I was preparing for the AI prelims at Berkeley, I wrote a lot about AI topics. I also wrote a “transcript” of my prelims.

I also write a lot about other technical areas, and am attempting to write up more about my thoughts on various technical research papers. Here are a few:

If you are interested in knowing about what it’s like being deaf, then there are a lot of options. Here are a few that might be informative:

Finally, I write sometimes about the books I read, such as in the following: