The easiest way to find something that you’ll be interested in is to look at the archives and browse the titles, which (I hope) are descriptive. Using the built-in Google site search there would also be useful.

If you’re interested in knowing more about graduate-level classes at Berkeley, I write reviews on all the ones I have taken. Here they are:

I also write a lot technical subjects. For example, here are some Generic Technical Guides, not including those related to my prelims studying (discussed later):

Here are notes on Specific Research Papers (for others, see this GitHub repository), arranged roughly in order of topic similarity.

When I was preparing for the AI prelims at Berkeley (required for PhD students), I wrote a lot about AI topics. I also wrote a “transcript” of my prelims.

I later wrote a transcript of my qualifying exam.

I also blog about academic conferences. Here are the ones I have discussed, in chronological order and the city:

I sometimes make one post per day. For simplicity, the above will link to the first blog post for each of the conferences.

If you are interested in knowing about what it’s like being deaf then, while I obviously can’t claim to speak for everyone who has hearing impairments, here are a few that might be informative:

In addition, most of my posts on going to academic conferences discuss some of the above topics, as well as my prelims and quals transcripts.

Finally, I write sometimes about the books I read, such as in the following:

I’m addicted to reading books. I’m happy to get book recommendations from you.