The airplanes on display at the CoRL 2022 banquet.

At the end of my last post which belatedly summarized RSS 2022, I mentioned I was also attending CoRL 2022 in a much farther away city: Auckland, New Zealand. That conference has now concluded and I thought it went well. I attended CoRL for a few reasons.

  • I was presenting our recent ToolFlowNet paper, which is one of the major projects that I have worked on during my postdoc.
  • I was part of the inclusion committee at CoRL, so I also got partial funding to attend.
  • The conference is well aligned for my research interests.
  • New Zealand is really nice at this time of the year.

Unlike most of my prior conference reports where I write them as blog posts, here I have notes in this Google Doc. I was working on this while at CoRL, and it would take a lot of time to convert these to something that looks nice on the website, and Google Docs might be easier for me to do quick edits if needed.

If robot learning is of interest to you, I hope you enjoy these conference notes. See you next year in Atlanta, Georgia, for CoRL 2023.